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The production of composite panels of the company "Alkotek"

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The production of composite panels of the company "Alkotek"


for hinged ventilated facades 

In 2005 the new composite material came to the Russian market of cladding material - aluminum composite panelsproduction of «Alcotek» Company. 

Since 2015 «Alcotek» Company has been manufacturing steel composite panels  «Alcotek ST» 

Aluminum Composite Panel

Steel Composite Panel

Modern technologies

Integrating the innovation technologies and imported equipment of the leafing foreign producers into the process of manufacturing Alcotek Company produces composite panels for hinged ventilated facades that adequately compete in its price and quality with such widely-known brands as «ALUCOBOND», «ALPOLIC», «DIBOND», and others. Significant investment in technological equipment and its constant modernization and high professional level of staff provide the continuous work of all the production lines. All these factors guarantee the manufacturing of high-quality composite panels in a big variety.

Field of application of Alcotek panels

By the beginning of 2016 there had been mounted more than 10 million square meters of hinged ventilated faceds with the use of Alcotek panels in Russia and CIS states.

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Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2»
«Four Points/by Sheraton»
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2» 
Railway Station,
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2»
Movie theatre  
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2»
Perinatal Centre
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2»
Residential area
«Sloboda vesny»
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2» 
Business area  
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2»
School building, 
Терминал аэропорта «Шереметьево-2»
Shopping mall
 «Armada Louvre»

Aluminum composite panels AlcoteK®are widely used by different building and assembly organizations for indoor and outdoor cladding of airport terminals. Composite materials under the Alcotek trademafk are certified and widely used for interior lining of railway and automobile transport. Aluminum panels are used for advertising construction, furniture production, and so on.

Unlimited color palette

Alcotek Company annually spreads the color scale, adds new designs and textures in order to totally satisfy the customers’ requirements and moreover, to anticipate anyone’s wishes.

High-quality imitation of natural wood sheet of veneer, natural stone texture provide an opportunity to design stylish and long-lasting facades or interiors in eco-style. The “Chameleon” and “Sparkling «surfaces, glamorous “Mirror” and brutal “Scratch”, high gloss or deep matt color, metallic and patina finish, “Shagreen” – all these various coatings of aluminum composite panels AlcoteK® can satisfy even the most sophisticated customer.

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