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Steel composite panels Alcotek ST

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Steel composite panels Alcotek ST

Steel Composite Panels Alcotek are used as a part of the system of hinged ventilated facades hinged ventilated facade in the cassette way of cladding.

Steel Composite Panel (SCP) AlcoteK St consists of two sheets of zinc-coated steel and the high-polymeric core filled with fire-retardants between them. The solid adhesion of the steel sheets and the core is provided with a special composition of adhesive.

  • Combustion heat- 10 mj/kg
  • Fire-retardants filling of the core of steel composite material- more than 75%
  • Face side coating- PVDF, weather-resistant PE
  • Hinged ventilated façade cladded with AlcoteK St composite material complies with the K0 fire-hazard grade.

The scope of use of AlcoteK St composite material are the buildings and constructions of all the degrees of fire resistance and all the structural fire hazard classes.

Alcotek St is permitted for using as cladding for upper  jamb wall and side jamb wall.


PropertyPanel thicknessSteel cladding thicknessWidthLengthWeight
Steel Composite Panels «AlcoteK St» 2,5 mm 0,3 mm 1250 mm 2100-4500 mm 8 kg/m2

Non-standard length panels are possible to be manufactured.  

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