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UV printing on composite panels and solid surfaces

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UV printing on composite panels and solid surfaces



Wide format digital printing on the surface of aluminum composite panels 

Full-color coating on aluminum composite panels AlcoteK® by means of UV-curing with help of high-tech equipment VIRTU RS 25 made in Switzerland





Field of application of panels with UV-printing:

  • Façade building decoration
  • External and interior • advertising 
  • cabinet making, manufacturing of elements of interior design etc




1. Are you looking for an exclusive  façade or interior design? Choose any image youlike! And from our side:

  • We will break-up the image into parts according to the project of façade/interior. The dimensions of fragment are stated only by the dimensions of a panel or a ready-made cassette made of ACP.
  • UNLIMITED image area
  • Image can be applicated  even on very small surfaces max 10 х 10 cm
  • Printing with the use of our printer allows to reduce considerably (or totally eliminate) the amount of  attachment joints while making design prints and other POS materials.
  • The coverage is plasticThere are no problem with aluminum composite panels processing: milling, bending and so on.

2. Are the price and time limits very important for you?

  • The material for application is always available
  • High-tech equipment allows to apply the image and really fast, more than 1,5 square meter a minute
  • There are no proceeds for logistics

3. You are not sure in visual clarity and colorfulness of the image?

36 printers are used together in the process of producing that Provides an opportunity to have the photographic quality of The image without color rendering and accuracy errors



4. Are not sure about the response of panels to sunlight, rain and snow influence?

    • The coating is UV-resistant.
    • The coating can withstand temperature extremes from -40° C to +180° C
    • The coating is not breaking down in the water and solvents.
    • The UV-printing technology provides an opportunity to get the coating with good adhesion to the surface.
    • We have successful results of climatic tests for the coating, the period of guarantee when in outside use is more than 5 years.
    • Quality conformance inspection is made throughout all the procedure of printing.

5. Are environmental compatibility and safety important for you?

There are solvents in the inks that totally guarantee safety for people and for the environment, and that is why the production with images printed with the use of our UV-printer can be used not only on the façades of industrial buildings but also inside the residential areas, and even in the children’s room 

Environmental safety is confirmed by the European CE certificates


Performance Specification:

  • Printing definition max 1200 dpi dpi
  • Speed of printing:
  • Speed limit – 100-140 м2/ч
  • Production engineering – 70-90 м2/ч
  • Quality mode – 40-45 м2/ч
  • The software supports the majority of graphics files (tif, eps, jpg)



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